Friday, March 13, 2015

Going to the Dogs

A month ago, John and I seized a rare opportunity to get away for some down time, just the two of us. While we didn't go far, we enjoyed a full afternoon of shopping (purchasing a new couch and love seat set, our primary goal), dinner out at a Chicago-style pizza place (sadly not Giordano's, although I'm thrilled that Indianapolis has finally secured one of those), and a night alone (sans kids, hallelujah). We had a wonderful time.

When we visited a furniture re-sale shop, we failed to find a couch, but stumbled upon a whimsical pair of dogs. They are candle holders and the light disperses out of the small holes in their bodies:

Discovering that they were anatomically correct, we knew our boys would have a grand laugh.

Sadly, not all the boys were caught up in the amusement we expected. Of course, we probably shouldn't have declared, "We bought you guys two dogs!" Sean was devastated and angry. His hopes had been raised and then dashed to bits by two metal pretenders.

John has now declared that we will, indeed, be getting a dog and will begin the search over spring break. This is just a few weeks away. I would happily settle for the minimal maintenance of the two pretenders (simply replacing the tea lights - ha), but the rest of the family is determined to add to our numbers with a real dog. While I firmly believe that every boy should grow up with a dog, it is the reality of the dog that I dread.

Even though we are not interested in a big dog, like Harley, our last failed venture into pet territory, I can't say I'm thrilled about a little dog either. But, it feels inevitable. Harley was an out-of-control, boundlessly energetic, beast of a dog.

Please Lord, if we have to go this route, pair us with a better match ... something manageable, cuddly, affectionate, obedient, non-shedding, and potty-trained. All of my siblings have dogs and their dogs are perfect matches (my older brother's dog, Prestwick, has even been trained to go in a litter box, so they can leave it home alone while they are at work). The only questionable match is my sister's chihuahua, whom she affectionately sometimes calls "Satan" (the dog snarls and bares teeth for nearly everyone). If anyone has suggestions for breeds which fit my requirements, I'd happily take them. Sean has his heart set on a pug (too expensive and not terribly cuddly), John wants a poodle or a cockapoo, and Trevor wants a bichon frise (require constant companionship - I'm not taking the dog everywhere in a dog purse, no sir) or a shih-tzu. I just want someone else to be responsible for the dog. Sadly, I know it will fall to me and I'll be no match for the task.


Gordon Roberts said...

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Wendy said...

Dr. Roberts - thanks for visiting my blog. If we end up with a cockapoo, I'll certainly give your book a read. The cockapoos on the cover of your book look cute and cuddly.