Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Curses, Savings Foiled!

I hate it when a great plan falls apart. I suppose karma is biting me in the butt for gloating over my triumphs in the savings arena. Now, I am no longer feeling the love of a great deal, but rather weeping over sour grapes of a good deal gone bad.

Kohl's lured me in with their e-mail proclaiming there was still time to earn $15 in Kohl's cash for every $50 purchase, plus I had a code to save 20%. I had been wishing for a pair of boots to wear with the lovely $1.74 outfit I scored recently. Thus, I searched the Kohl's coffers and found this lovely boot, normally $79.99, on sale for $24.99 ($20 with my 20% off):

Next, I needed a new comforter for Sean's bed. All three twin beds in their room have black comforters. Sean's is the only bed with red sheets. Thus, I felt like I had scored big time when I purchased this $80 reversible down alternative comforter for $24.99 (again $20, with the 20% off):

For my final purchase, to bring me to the $50 point, I ordered a twin set of memory foam pillows for $17.99 ($14.40). That brought my total over $50 and thus I secured the coveted $15 Kohl's cash to use on socks for my husband.

Alas, the comforter arrived today and it is red and tan, not red and black. I checked on-line and the store near me had some available, so I called to see if it was an error in the on-line presentation. Woe is me. They have no black twin down alternative comforters (this was a misprint on-line ... all the red ones have tan on the reverse side). My only option, in order to keep the Kohl's cash, is to trade the red/tan one for another color. So, when I return the comforter, I will be stripped of my Kohl's cash. Curses! Most foul misrepresentation!

So, Sean and I began another Internet search for an alternative black comforter. We found a reversible black/gray one on the Target website. Sadly it is not the fine quality of the Kohl's one and is not down alternative. It was listed as only $14, but when I placed it in the cart, it came up as $18. Oh well, I plugged on. I entered my Target card information (hoping to save the meager 5% they offer when you use their store card). My card was declined. When I called, I learned that they closed my account because I hadn't used the card in over a year. Curses! Foiled from saving yet again (I suppose ninety cents won't kill me).

Then, I open another e-mail to discover that the American Eagle coat I purchased just days ago for 40% off has now, just for today, been marked down to 50% off. That's a whole ten further dollars I could have saved. Blimey! I feel like change is falling out of my pockets! Now, I'm off to wash my $1.74 outfit so I can wear it when the $80 boots I scored for $20 come in the mail (please Lord, let nothing be wrong with those).
Update: I called American Eagle and they processed my request and are putting the difference back on my card. Yippee! Bless you, American Eagle, and thank you for putting the customer first!

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