Monday, November 30, 2015

Biggest Score of the Season

Christmas this year is going to be pared back. In part, because the boys are a bit older and simply don't wish to receive a lot of little things (no - their requests are far bigger, like Trevor's request for a $400  We the People BMX bike - yikes - I promptly visited Craigslist and found a generic one for $40, think he'll mind?). In part, because I have no desire or energy for making a bigger production out of it. And in part, because, well let's face it, the times ... they are a bit perilous.

I told the boys we're going to follow the rules I see posted all over Facebook these days: Four gifts: Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. Trevor is having a fit! He keeps declaring that Dad will never go for it because it is only Mom who is CHEAP!

In light of those rules, I began, of course, with something to read. I found some fantastic deals at CBD. I bought a joke book for Sean, a book of fascinating facts in the Bible for Trevor, and a book about being all in for Christ for Bryce. Thankfully, each book was less than $3, because I can guarantee you that the only book thoroughly read will be the joke book. Trevor will glance at his for a bit, and Bryce will never even crack the cover (well, maybe he will in a few year's time, who knows). For John, I took advantage of Amazon's annual 30% off one book sale and then had him make the purchase himself because he has an account with Amazon prime for the free shipping. Won't he be surprised.

While on the CBD site, I also snagged 5 boxes of 12 Christmas cards for only $1.84 per box. With the Walgreens print sale of 10 cents for each 4x6, I can send my cards for only 25 cents per card. I debated which photo to use. I had a photo from a recent honor induction for Bryce, but the sunlight made the two younger boys squint so. In the end I went with the lower photo, even though the background is boring. They're not nearly as nice as last year's photo cards (using a professional photo from Penney's), but they'll do.

For something to wear, I have only one option for Trevor. He will only wear American Eagle clothing - persnickety fellow. He has been in need of a coat and AE was offering 40% off their winter collection. This still left me spending $60, but by paying with PayPal, I took advantage of a $20 credit for any purchase over $50. Not bad.

But, the biggest score of the season actually came from K-mart before Thanksgiving. I had $7.74 in reward points from a recent purchase of recliners from Sears. Then, K-mart sent a note saying they were giving me $12 in surprise points for any $12+ purchase in women's clothing. Thus, I secured this top and pants for only $1.74. You can't beat that!

Plus, at the checkout they gave me a 20% back in points off my next purchase. So, I went Friday night (long after the rush of people, but still in time for the 50% off sales) and bought a few Purdue items for Bryce, using the 20% back offer and then applied that ($7.50) to a separate purchase of a $13 sweater for me, a $20 winter coat for Sean and a $12.50 pair of snow pant overalls for Sean. Yippee! How I love a good bargain!

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