Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book Review: Twice Loved

This little Christmas novella was a perfect brief read for the season. Even if the story line held a fairly standard plot and theme, it was a quick and easy, inspirational read, and a delightful diversion from my cleaning schedule prior to the visit from my extended family. I'm not sure I've ever read a novel by Wanda Brunstetter before, although I know the name is familiar in the Christian publishing world (especially for Amish fiction, which has never really appealed to me at all). I would certainly give another of her books a try.

At the close of World War II, Bev Winters is a widow with a six year old daughter. Due to jobs reverting to the men who left for the war, she finds herself seeking work at a time when the widowed Dan Fisher is seeking a manager for his deceased wife's used toy store. The story has all the elements you would expect. Romance develops between the two newly single individuals, a neighbor feels slighted because her interest in Dan is passed over when Bev comes on the scene, lessons on grief and accepting assistance unfold, and the birth of Christ coincides with possibilities for new beginnings.

Although it was typical of Christian fiction (bearing messages of the importance of seeking only believing spouses, the need to trust God when trials come, and the blessing of His provision for our every circumstance), it didn't hammer the message more than the story. It felt like accurate historical fiction. The post-war atmosphere was clearly illustrated and fleshed out. So, despite being a bit predictable, it was an entertaining read. Moreover, as an added bonus, the end of the book contained a few simple wartime recipes and a toy craft.

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