Sunday, December 27, 2015

Book Review: The First Miracle

Leave it to Jeffrey Archer to tell an age-old tale and provide an unexpected twist. This little gift book with a story of the nativity scene is worth the quick read and worth giving as a gift to someone else in need of a clever new take on the story of old. I'm glad I managed to secure this book in the library's $1 per bag sale, just before the holidays. I'm surprised they didn't recognize it as a big hit and save it for the holiday sale they run every December.

In this little tale, a troublesome teenager is sent to town on an errand for his mother in the time of Christ's birth, near Bethlehem. The boy makes the purchase for his mother, but is sidetracked by the vision of a man with his pregnant wife on a donkey being turned away from an inn. Since the boy's father is a census taker, he is well aware of the influx of people in the area and not surprised by their plight, but he takes an interest in them, nonetheless, and his interaction with the couple leads to an unexpected miracle.

As I read this little book on Christmas Eve, it made me think of my mother. She would so enjoy this story as she is a fan of Jeffrey Archer's books (she introduced me to this quick-witted author). I may try to read it to her when she comes for a visit, but she has said that she cannot really retain what she reads any more. So sad to hear. Perhaps, if I read it to her, she will be able to still reap some enjoyment from this brief little tale (only 30 pages, with the accompanying illustrations).

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