Friday, December 20, 2013

Early Christmas Gifts

This year there were three gifts we acquired several weeks prior to Christmas. We have been thoroughly enjoying them and I'm so glad to have them.

First off, we have been attempting to help Trevor lose some weight. During the winter months, it is always more difficult for us to keep him moving, so we tossed out the suggestion of having one of his gifts be a treadmill. He seemed to really go for the idea.

We didn't plan on purchasing a new one. I began scouring the Craigslist offerings and were thrilled when we found someone in a neighboring community selling a "new-in-box" walking treadmill. Apparently, they had bought it for their son and he purchased a different one before they could give it to him. While it doesn't have an option for running (it is a walk-to-fit model), it is easy to move and is getting quite the workout already. Trevor walks on it for a half an hour at least four days a week and I walk for a half hour almost every morning and Bryce has been walking on it, as well. Grateful to have this new blessing of a gift.

Then, there's Bryce's new television. He had been content with his old bulky one for quite some time, but a friend got a new flat screen and ... well, you know how it goes ... once he saw how awesome the graphics were on his friend's t.v., he wanted one for himself. We were thankful to get a percentage-off-deal after the purchase of a new camera (remember Trevor left the old one out overnight on the trampoline - groan). Now, he is reveling in his new television. Plus, the purchase spurred him to thoroughly clean his room in preparation for installation, so we got an added blessing. Score!

Finally, I am extremely grateful for a gift I received at The Salvation Army Eagle Creek corps at their annual Christmas party (something I don't usually attend). They gave me a cd of brass band Christmas music and I have been listening to it like crazy this month. I love me a good brass Army band and I'm really enjoying the gift of this music!

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