Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: This Dark Road to Mercy

Of Wiley Cash's two books, I'd have to say I prefer the debut novel of A Land More Kind Than Home, to this one, This Dark Road to Mercy. That's not to say I didn't enjoy this one. I did. But, I think the first one was better. Still, if you're looking for a good read ... Wiley Cash knows how to write one.

It is a simple story, really. Two young girls have just been placed in foster care because their mother has died and their father relinquished his parental rights years ago. Twelve-year-old Easter and six-year-old Ruby are both startled when their father, Wade, shows up on the ball diamond where they are playing. When he steals them away in the middle of the night, hoping to live his dream of being a family once again, he is chased by two men. The girls' court-appointed guardian, Brady Weller, an ex-cop with his own demons to flee, is in hot pursuit of Wade and his girls. Hopefully, he will find them before Bobby Pruitt, a man with a vendetta against Wade and a desire to recoup the money Wade has stolen, does.

There are many similarities to Cash's first book. Told from the perspectives of three different narrators, the story is woven together well. The pacing is good. I simply would have preferred to feel more strongly about the father in the story. His desire for his children didn't seem as strong as it could have been, in order to drive him to steal them away. I believe this author will go on to write a good many more valuable tales with vulnerable, real characters who struggle with temptations and bad decisions.

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