Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sister Secret Santa Sock Exchange

I have joined a women's group from my church that meets once a month for a themed dinner and time of discussion. This month, to celebrate Christmas, we decided to hold a Sister Secret Santa Sock Exchange. It was a white elephant sort of affair. We each brought a pair of Christmas socks stuffed with goodies. I, of course, brought a Reader's Delight gift - I tucked a Half Price Book gift card into a pair of penguin socks, along with a metal book mark, and two different chocolate bars.

Here is what I came home with:

(Lindt chocolate truffles and a raspberry scented Krispy Kreme candle) Funnily enough, Trevor loved the fox socks when he saw them and said he would have taken them for himself if they had been a bit bigger to fit his feet - ha! I did see something in one of the other socks that made me think of him, although I'm resisting the urge to go purchase it for his stocking. It was a roll of toilet paper with a paper label that read: "In case you get CRAP for Christmas." This made me think of him, and chuckle, because he insisted that I not begin my Christmas shopping until he produced a list, because he said, "you always buy things I didn't necessarily want." Hee-hee!

Here's a photo of our legs revealing the socks received:

Merry Christmas, and may your own feet be toasty warm and your heart filled with friendship and fun!

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