Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gotta Love a Deal Like That!

It's the little things in life that thrill me - especially a great score on over-the-top savings. This used to be the kind of thing I would call my mother with, to share the thrill of the conquest (after all, she's the one who nurtured this compulsion into being). Alas, with her dementia diagnosis, I no longer have a comrade in cahoots to share with. So, I'm spilling it here.

This is what I brought home from Kroger today - a pint of ice cream, jar of peanut butter, jar of pasta sauce, protein bar, chocolate bar, and grapes - for the low, low price of ninety cents! Yes, you read that correctly. Less than a dollar! (This is thanks to two of the Kroger Free Friday items and two free items with a preferred customer coupon, paired with a $2 off coupon I received when I picked up my husband's last prescription at their pharmacy.) They're practically paying me to shop there - ha!

A 93% savings! Ha! I had planned to drive through Steak-n-Shake for their half price happy hour shakes, but instead, I spent less than half of what that would have cost and ate half the pint of ice cream. My tummy is happy! My wallet is happier still!

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