Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review: London: A History

It has been slim pickin's these days for audio books to accompany my morning treadmill walks. I attempted two different thrillers, but after getting over a half hour into each, discovered they were so full of smut that I couldn't bear to continue (sob, why do authors feel a need to add sexual voyeurism and scandal to entice readers - all it does for me is make me shut the book). Thus, I thought I'd go with a safe bet and listen to A.N. Wilson's history of London, in anticipation of my fall trip.

Alas, it was a bit dry. I guess a Brit might find the political commentary and architectural explanation interesting, but I had a tough time of it. Indeed, I wondered how a historian could write such an opinionated piece (isn't the goal to remain objective and impartial?). I was expecting to be wooed into wanting to visit (of course, the ticket has already been purchased, so technically I don't need to be wooed). Sadly, it just didn't pull me in with a great desire to learn more about this cosmopolitan capital. I think I would have been even more bored with the fare, if I had no past experience with the city. Thankfully, having lived there for about six months, I was familiar with many of the locations mentioned. Nonetheless, I don't really recommend this if you are looking for a title to enchant you with dreams of London's fair city.

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