Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Review: Property of a Noblewoman

With little time for seeking out an audio book, I decided to gamble on another Danielle Steel option. Property of a Noblewoman once again took the characters on a journey between the United States and Europe in search of the trail of the owner of a safe deposit box full of jewelry. It was another engrossing story and I'm so glad I selected it.

Jane is a law clerk, begrudgingly assigned to the surrogate's court and Philip is a representative from Christie's jewelry department. When Jane contacts Philip to set in motion an auction of the unclaimed items, they both feel caught up in the story of the countess who died with no heirs, only $2000 to her name, and a safe deposit box full of extremely valuable brooches, necklaces, and rings. Marguerite Pearson was an outcast when she was shipped off to Europe in the midst of World War II. Betrayed by her family, Marguerite makes her own way and ends up marrying an Italian count. But can Jane and Philip find the rightful heir of the jewelry before it is auctioned off and proceeds distributed to the state?

The story unfolds beautifully with expert pacing and character development. The reader cannot help but root for Jane and Philip in their quest for love and for the best resolution of the case they share. Although the denouement wasn't quite as stunning as the one in the previous Steel book I read, it was still satisfying. I was thrilled to see a whole host of audio books by Steel in our audio book section at the library. Apparently, I can count on Danielle Steel to make the miles slip away as I walk on my treadmill.

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