Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chinese Water Torture, Red, White and Blue Style

Tonight I took the boys to see a fireworks show.

As we exited the van:

Them: Oh, look ... someone did a firework over there in their driveway. Are those the fireworks, Mommy? Are we there yet?

Me: Yes, yes they did, but no we are not there yet. We need to walk along this sidewalk to the park.

Them: Can we play at the park? Oo, oo, I see a lightning bug. Seannie, do you want me to catch the lightning bug for you? I can catch the lightning bug. (Catches one, puts it on Sean's shirt, to much screaming from Sean.)

Me: Leave the bugs alone. Leave your brother alone.

Them: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Oh, look, that guy has a motorcycle on his shirt. That's a cool shirt. I want a shirt like that. Can I get a shirt like that? Hey, they have ring-pops. I want a ring pop. Can I have a ring pop? (At this point, the teenager with the children with the ring-pops turns and says, "Sorry, we don't have any more.")

Me: Trevor, you don't comment on what a person has and ask if you can have one. It is impolite.

(We arrive at the park).

Them: Can we go play on the playground?

Me: Yes, for a few minutes, but then we are going to sit on the blanket and wait for the fireworks.

Them: My shoe came off. Help me get my shoe back on. Wait for me. Oh, look, a dog. Can we pet the dog? Oh, I want to go on the teeter-totters. Hey, watch Seannie, I'm stepping off now.

Me: Don't do that!! Your brother will fall off!

Them: Can we go sit down now?

Me: Yes, let's go find a spot.

Them: Ohh, look, they have a table full of those light-up thingies. I want one of those. Can we buy one of those, Mommy? Look, this light-up ball is only $5. Can I have $5, Mommy? I want a light-up ball. Hey, that guy got a light-up ball. Why can't I get a light-up ball. Wow. Look at that girl's shirt. It shows her belly-button. When I have a girlfriend, I want my girlfriend to wear a shirt that shows her belly-button. Hey, those people in front of us are smoking. Don't they know that smoking is bad. It turns your lungs black, just like you said, Mommy? How come they are smoking?

Me: Be quiet and watch for the fireworks to start (inwardly praying that they start on time).

Them: Hey, who turned all the park lights out. What, are they starting the fireworks now, Mommy? Look, I see the first star. Let's say the wishing rhyme. Star Light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. Hey, I didn't get my wish. I wished for one of those light-up balls, but you won't buy me one. (The fireworks begin.) Wow. That one was cool. Hey, that kid in front of us is taking pictures of the fireworks. Can I have the camera? I want to take pictures of the fireworks. Why won't you let me get a glow ball or take pictures? Ooh, red, my favorite color. Ooh, Trevor, what is your favorite color? Ooh, green, your favorite color, Trevor. (repeated throughout the entire 20 minute display, despite my pleas to stop talking and simply watch)

Trevor counted to one thousand, hundred, ninety the entire walk back to the van. Sean complained about his shoes the entire way to the van and told Trevor to stop counting about a million times. When Bryce arrived and joined us in the van, his radar picked up my signal from a mile away.

Sadly, when he asked what was wrong, I burst just like an inmate after the thousandth drop of water.


Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading about your little chatterboxes! When Trevor was in preschool, did the teacher mention if he was similarly a constant inquisitor and talker or is it just with you? Michael can be this way sometimes with me it doesn't interfere at school. Some days when I pick him up I can tell he's just bursting at the seams to tell me about his day. I just let him gush and vent about whatever is on his mind, knowing he'll unwind on the 10 minute drive home and move on to something else. I wonder if giving each of the boys their own special time to talk/share with you would matter or if it would just be more in addition to the every moment play by plays. Hang in there! They are demonstrating great qualities in their curiosities, they'll learn the nuances of how to channel it as they mature.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was from Karin above.

Wendy said...

Karin - it is amazing, but just like you encountered with Michael, the teacher tells us that he doesn't talk too much in class. Trevor has always been and will always be a talker. How can I complain, when I know that he gets it from me??

Last night, as we left Indiana Beach, we were hearing unusual noises from the van. This put John and I both on edge, but Trevor just continued to prattle on and on, despite being told to go to sleep.

I just keep trying to teach him the "fair share" concept, encouraging him to take his fair share of time, space and attention. Don't know when the lessons will sink in fully.