Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Thankfully, almost all of the missing items from last week have now been accounted for. The tooth was never found, but the tooth fairy made good on the "lost tooth" note found underneath Trevor's pillow.

The blender seal turned up in the most unlikely spot. John found it on Bryce's desk. Of course, since Bryce was gone for a week of percussion camp, we really didn't go in his room at all. We have no idea who carried it in there in the first place, but we are greatly relieved that we didn't blow $13 purchasing and shipping a new one.

We also hadn't been out on the porch for a while. The table and floor spaces are covered with items I had hoped to sell in our May garage sale (that never materialized). Plus, it is too hot to eat out there. Thankfully, Sean sometimes goes out there to lie with the dog (his favorite past-time). He suddenly came running inside to declare that he had found my camera tucked under the cushions of the couch on the porch. I gave him a Hershey's kiss and quickly began taking photos with mad abandon.

Here is the flowering bush:

The bird's nest is still up in the swing set and the Mama bird swoops down at our heads in attack mode whenever anyone approaches the ladder to the slide/fort. Once this family have vacated the residence, I will vigilantly raze any future home-building efforts the birds might employ.

Thankfully, the robin's nest (in the usual spot, just outside the kitchen window) is much safer to observe.

I don't know what I think about my haircut. I appreciate the breeze on my neck. However, beyond that, the shorter style seems to be a draw-back for me. I find this cut very unforgiving. I used to be able to wash my hair every other day. Sadly, when I wake up on the second morning now, my hair is matted down to my head and no amount of brushing seems to be able to rejuvenate it enough to hold off on a shampooing. I suppose this isn't too much of an inconvenience, since I have been trying to exercise DAILY. Still, on days when I can't get the exercise in before late afternoon, I have to wear a hat. Plus, hubby isn't very fond of it, so methinks I will be growing it out again.

Here are some shots of the boys at the fireworks the other night:

They look so quiet and innocent, don't they??

Ah, looks can be deceiving.

And finally, here's a few shots of our toothless wonder. Even without teeth he manages to gab and eat just as much as usual. In the second photo, he is sporting a nice little welt on his forehead from where John attempted to hoist his hefty little body out of an inner tube and managed to bash him right into a metal beam overhead. Poor Trevor!


cardiogirl said...

Ouch on Trevor's forehead mash up. But he's still a cutie. My middle kid just lost a tooth the other day and because I'm a wuss I made a pouch that hangs from the door knob so the Tooth Fairy can easily locate the tooth without falling over the junk on the bedroom floor and waking everyone in the process.

It's worked out quite well I must say.

Wendy said...

Yep, he cried pretty hard.

Clever thought on the hanging tooth pouch. The little boys mess up their room almost immediately after cleaning it, so it is almost always in a state of disarray. Thus, the pouch would help out in our house, too.