Friday, July 9, 2010

Budding Entrepreneur

This morning, John allowed me to sleep in until 9:30 a.m., while he kept an eye on the boys. This was especially helpful given the fact that last night -

(a) Sean wouldn't go to bed because he was worried that there were dummies in his room (my fault, since I'm the one who allowed him to watch "Night of the Living Dummy," with Trevor);

(b) Bryce was convinced that my activity on the computer (uploading the photos of the heron, salamander, and bird) was causing him to lag out of his on-line game and therefore make him lose and de-rank (my fault???);

(c) when I finally got to bed at 1 a.m., Trevor woke me to say that he needed me to lie with him because he had had a nightmare about neighbors coming over to attack us (really??),

(d) when I finally fell asleep in Trevor's bed, Bryce woke me to apologize for his behavior (wow) and ask where he could find a pillow for his friend who was spending the night. I clearly needed to sleep in.

I was actually surprised how quiet the two little boys had been. I mean, normally, I can't sleep very late because Trevor's voice, alone, is at a similar decibel to the sound a jet gives off just prior to lift-off. I'm not sure that boy has an "inside voice." It turns out that Sean was happily playing "Croc" on the old computer in our guest room and Trevor was hard at work creating art at a little table John had set up.

Trevor was thrilled to see that I had joined the living. He called me over to his table. I noticed he had two very-confusing signs. He clarified that they said "ten dollars" and "eighty dollars." When I informed him that I couldn't afford his prices, he graciously reduced them to ten cents and eighty cents.

Here's an example of his ten cent wares:

Here's an example of his eighty cent wares:

And, here is the fine piece of art that I selected (after great deliberation and a gentle raiding of my wallet):

Yesterday, we had watched an amazing video of artist David Kassen, drawing an amazing portrait on an I-Pad. Trevor wanted to meet Kassen and have him draw his portrait until he discovered that the distinguished-looking gentleman had sat for three hours while Kassen worked. Thanks to technology, it was condensed to a five-minute endeavor for our viewing pleasure.

I'm guessing there will be more art purchases in my future. Plus, I have a feeling that Trevor will up the ante when his birthday rolls around. He has already been begging for his own digital camera and is jealous because Bryce and his teenage cousin both have an I-Pod Touch. Now, I believe he just might be tempted to add an I-Pad to his list. I'll tell him he just needs to write it off as a business expense.

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