Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lovin' the Little Boy!

I have been experiencing swells of deep emotion for my youngest son lately. He is just delicious. Of course, I do recognize that, unlike the other two, at this point in life he has yet to develop habits and behaviors that annoy me. He is pure and unadulterated cuteness.

If you don't believe me, check this out:

He makes me smile every day. Lately, he is in love with the "Despicable Me" commercials. Here is his all time favorite one. He asks Trevor to replay it over and over again, because he loves the line where Gru says: "No Annoying Sounds!" and the little girl responds with "Does this count as annoying?? (cheek slapping)" This bit occurs at about the one minute mark.

Plus, he has recently been noticing certain signs along the road. Now both Trevor and Sean spend a good portion of every drive pointing out all the "No Pee signs."

Hee-hee. Boys!

My absolute favorite thing is to watch him cuddling his Sleepy Bear and sucking on those fingers. It is his trademark. Trevor even caught that on video this past week
(at this point in the post, I tried, unsuccessfully three nights in a row, to get the video to upload ... I'm giving up for now, but may try later).

Apparently, I'm not the only one lavishing great love on my boy these days, either.
Here's the evidence:

Really, those mosquitos can't help it. After all, he's so SWEET.


cardiogirl said...

He is sweet! I feel the same way about my youngest. She hasn't grown into many bad habits.


I didn't notice Harley in back on the last picture until I enlarged it. He looks so stoic back there.

Wendy said...

We, as parents, need those years of pure magnetic appeal, to get us through the rough patches later, don't we?

Poor Harley is totally ignored - apart from Sean, who dotes on him and lies on the floor, couch, bed ... with him daily.