Monday, August 2, 2010

CBLI Has Come Again

We are once again making family memories and receiving rest and spiritual rejuvenation at Central Bible & Leadership Institute. The boys are having a blast. Our normal afternoon routine consists of brief rest time in the cabin (miles away from everything this year, and I sadly failed to bring a stroller), followed by an hour at the pool and another hour at the docks, fishing with Todd. By the time they are done fishing, they are fully ready for a shower. This means that after dinner and the evening programs, I can bring them back to the cabin and put them straight to bed. I have been going straight to bed as well, and sleeping well over eight hours each night.

Because we are on the farthest end of the Shagbark side of camp, I don't have internet access. Today, I brought my netbook along for Bible classes and managed to snag some time after lunch, when a friend invited the little boys to play with her son in their camp (thank you, Lord!). Hopefully, I will snag some times here and there and find internet access again.

For now, I am merely happy to report that we arrived safely and are relishing our times together. Trevor has already caught between 12 and 20 fish. Sean is sad because I will only allow him to practice casting with his Spiderman fishing pole. Plus, he gets easily overheated. But, I have learned to drive the van down to the docks, so that Sean and I can sit in the air conditioning, away from the sun, while Trevor fishes with Todd.

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