Sunday, September 12, 2010

Of Banana Bread and Broken Windows

Saturday morning, I noticed we were down to four well-spotted bananas. The boys didn't want banana pancakes, so I rooted around (my STACKS OF RECIPE PAPER - urgh) and found a recipe for Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread.

As I was making the bread, I was stunned to discover that the ingredient list is almost identical to my own recipe (which was greatly lauded, back in DeKalb, by the various people I shared with). Since this recipe was from Cooking Light magazine, they suggested 1/2 cup egg substitute and 1/3 cup plain low-fat yogurt. I didn't have the substitute, so I used my standard 2 eggs. Plus, I only had fat-free plain yogurt (which my husband eats ... I say "blech!").

Perhaps I tried to cut it before it had fully cooled, but it was almost too moist to cut into tidy slices (it crumbled everywhere and I scarfed down the crumbs before the dog could get to them). Flavor-wise, I did appreciate that addition of yogurt, and the marbled chocolate was a subtle, sweet taste experience. But I think I may still prefer my recipe for the simple fact that I miss biting into the chunks of chocolate chip. However, I'm pretty sure I'll be using this recipe from time to time and it does have a mouth-watering appearance.

I posted a photo on Facebook and immediately received some requests. This makes me happy because I really prefer baking when I can give away what I make. Back in DeKalb, I would bake five loaves at a time and take them to various friends. They enjoyed the bread and I enjoyed the compliments. It was a win-win. Somehow, I don't think I'll be eating this whole marbled loaf. John and Bryce have already both had several slices.

Of course, what would a Saturday be, though, without something to break it up a bit? So, my little guys obliged and decided to toss stuffed animals in the living room while I was making the banana bread.

What did we learn today? Elmo has a hard head!

Trevor tossed Elmo across the room.

Actually, because of the sunlight, this photo barely shows the damage done.

I let him sit in the guilt and fear of punishment for a brief spell before I went into his room and expressed how lucky we were. Amazingly, only the inner pane of glass shattered (which is probably another reason why it is hard to photograph the evidence of the crime). If the outer pane had shattered, we would have been forced to call someone to come cover the window with plywood, until we could call to have it fixed.

Plus, neither boy was hurt. It looks like the impact caused a rounded triangle (think three slices of pizza) to break away and fall between the two window panes. There were shards of glass all over the back of the couch, but the boys were across the room and didn't approach the glass.

The previous night we had been reading from Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories, a book from my husband's childhood. We had read a story called "The Splinters of Sin," about a young 5 year old girl who had disobeyed her mother and gone inside the work-site of a house being built. Ten years later, the small splinter that she had tried to hide from her mother began to fester and cause great pain.

Thus, Trevor immediately came to confess his disobedience (how many times do we tell those boys not to throw things in the house?? we even have a rule that the only safe place for tossing stuffed animals is in the stairwell - a rule that led to the demise of Woody). Hopefully, a lesson was learned.

I was recalling the many times we have begged him to stop trying to stand on his head on the couch. He would bound across the room and flip up onto his head on the couch, with his feet propelling backwards toward the window.

"Rules, boys, are not made to limit your fun, but rather to keep you around longer so that more fun may be had!"

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