Saturday, September 11, 2010

State Fair Recap

Somehow I failed to write about our last hurrah of the summer. On Tuesday, August 17th, I decided to take the little boys to the Indiana State Fair on my own. It went so well. I felt thoroughly blessed and glad that I had dared to attempt it.

Thankfully, we were able to take advantage of the Turkey Hill $2 Tuesdays. As a result, I only had to pay $2 to get in and the boys were both free. Plus, all rides were $2 and many of the booths offered $2 food and drink specials.

I purchased enough tickets for each boy to ride 5 rides. Trevor started out on a parasail ride that Sean was too little for. Then, they rode four together:

The gunny sack slide.

A smaller parasail ride.

The dragon roller coaster.

And the swings.

After that, I explained that Sean had one more, but Trevor was done. Sean graciously offered his last ticket to his brother, so Trevor could ride a gigantic ride that swings back and forth and spins around (called "Fireball"). I was surprised that Trev was brave enough to attempt it alone, but then he does follow in the footsteps of his big brother, Bryce.

They also enjoyed getting their picture taken near the super huge American Gothic statue.

As for the animals, it seemed like slim pickin's. We saw the bunnies and chickens and roosters, then headed to the horses and sheep. All the pigs were gone, except for the two largest boar and the two newly birthed litters.

I couldn't have asked for better behavior, even though it was a very hot day. I'm hoping they'll offer this same $2 Tuesdays special next year. We had a wonderful time together.


Elizabeth A. said...

We went to the Indiana State Fair too. We had a lot of fun. The hamburger on Krispy Kremes was delicious.

Wendy said...

Liz - Did you see the sign for deep fried butter? I couldn't believe that or bring myself to try it. I would have tried a Krispy Kreme hamburger if hubby and Bryce had been there to split it.

bittersweetmess said...

I enjoy looking at all the pics you post =)

cardiogirl said...

You took me right back to Cedar Point as a kid. My absolute favorite rides were the mongo slide with the burlap sack -- our slide was an aqua blue color -- and the swings. I *still* love that swing ride and rode it a few years ago at our church festival.

At the time I was adjusting to Paxil so the ride was a crazy head trip. It was fun plus ten.