Monday, November 1, 2010

Frightfully Good Weekend

One of the boys' favorite activities, on Fall weekends, is to build a bonfire and roast marshmallows with their dad. Between that and rides on the go-kart in the meadow, these boys are happy campers!

Here are the boys on Sunday morning, just after we returned from church:

And here they are again, later last night:

I'm pretty sure they look almost exactly like they did last year. After buying the ninja costume for Trevor's birthday, he only wore it for his classroom party. Last night, he decided he would rather dress, again, as the grim reaper. It didn't really matter one way or the other, since, just like last year, both boys only lasted five minutes in their masks and ended up trick-or-treating without the masks. They were thrilled with their candy and I am determined to stay away from it.

As for Nanowrimo, I'm going to bite the bullet. I have no idea what I will work on, but any progress is better than no progress at all. So, goodbye October. Hello November and loads of writing!

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Amy Sorensen said...

I hope the Nano goes well! I'm not doing it this year (too many other things going on) but I AM dedicating myself to getting through several books about writing! Does that count???