Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book Review: The Memory Book

On the back cover of the audio version of this book, a blurb states that Penelope J. Stokes' best-selling novels tell inspirational tales of personal discovery. This sounded like my cup of tea. I really enjoyed listening to this book.

Phoebe Lange has just finished her graduate degree and is engaged to be married to a fine young man, an up and coming lawyer. For some reason, Phoebe has lingering doubts about what she should really do. She loves her fiance, but feels that he doesn't really know her and that if he did, he might not feel the same. In an attempt to sort out her feelings, Phoebe takes a break to return to the house of the grandmother who raised her.

While there, she discovers an old dusty memory book with photos and memories of a woman who bears her same name. The older Phoebe, her great-aunt, raised her younger brother until she died mysteriously in a car accident on the night of her high school graduation. As Phoebe investigates the book, she uncovers information about her own past and gains an opportunity for facing challenges that reveal her inner self and the source of her ultimate strength.

I will certainly keep my eye out for another Penelope Stokes book.

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