Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why, Boys, Why?

As I've said a million times before, boys are a breed unique! There are so many things that they do that girls would never dream of. Would you like an example?

Yesterday, Trevor and Sean were outside playing on their swing set. Trev came running in to call for someone to see the gigantic spider they had caught. He had the thing (about an inch to an inch and a half in diameter) in a small lidded jar (a bouillon cube jar I had given him - that boy always wants my trash). He set it on the book bar in our guest room and I asked him to take it back outside. He said, "But I want to show it to Daddy."

At some point, Daddy looked at the thing and declared it to be a wolf spider, quite common near woods in Indiana:

Sadly, the thing was never taken back outside.

Tragically, I asked this morning if the thing was ever released back into the wild. Trevor assured me that he would do it today, but that for now it is still in the guest room.

I replied, "It would be dead by now for lack of air."

He: "No, I made a little air hole for it to breathe."

I went to the room to discover the small jar with the lid tipped slightly off. This was his "small air hole." Grrrrrr! Yikes!

We now have this spider loose somewhere in the house. I'm pretty sure Trevor and Sean will regale Bryce's friends with the story once they wake up ... Bryce's friends who slept on the floor in Bryce's room last night. Eeeeek!

Will my parents and family ever be willing to visit again? Perhaps we WILL all be meeting at Santa's Lodge after all!

Actually, my own parents are familiar with these type of boy antics. When I was growing up, my older brother Mark (now a high school biology teacher) used to love capturing various bugs and insects. One day, shortly before my parents were having guests stay in Mark's room overnight, Mark brought in a praying mantis.

Then, we discovered that it was a praying mantis giving birth to many small praying mantises. This led to a family-wide praying mantis hunt as we tried to excavate the house of all evidence of Mark's hospitality.

I suppose in Mark's case, his hospitality was to be commended, after all. We were, in fact, the home of a minister. Therefore, what better place to host a praying insect, right?

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