Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Water Park Weekend

This past weekend, we took the younger boys back to the Big Splash Adventure Water Park in Southern Indiana. We have arrived at that sad point in time where our oldest son doesn't want to accompany us on such trips any more. I suggested we force him to go. His dad was more kind and agreed to let him stay home alone. I think his Grandma was worried about him being alone; she called twice to check on him. Ha!

We had an adventure! Everything from forgetting to shave my legs (thankfully John remembered to bring his razor), a painful headache Saturday due to my departure from my morning coffee routine, a girl vomiting in the hall just outside our room (yippee), and a giant squabble between the boys when Sean hit the jackpot on an arcade game and Trevor persisted in demanding that he share the winnings with him. Trevor was promptly escorted back to the room and disciplined, while Sean went on to purchase two of everything he requested, so that he could share it with his brother (he's a sweetheart).

We also had a lot of fun. Sean was able to go on the slides this time and loved going down with Daddy (it was a bit too much for me).

Trevor favored an area where you could play water basketball and do a monkey bars course.

And we all enjoyed the lazy river.

The food was amazing, just like last year. That buffet breakfast, alone, is enough to make me want to return (eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash browns, french toast sticks, etc).

Plus, when we first arrived, I noticed a sign for The Salvation Army. I checked the banquet room out, but it was empty. Finally, I went back downstairs to look again and this time overheard someone checking in for The Salvation Army. I went to speak with her and discovered it was Jo Langham's daughter, Becky, (my son is friends with her brother, Abe) and she was there with a Salvationist group from Asbury College (the college my father and brother and sister attended). It made me remember a similar skiing retreat I went on during college and I found myself wishing I were back in college again. Ah, the good old days!

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