Thursday, July 25, 2013

CBLI Bound

Ahh - that wonderful feeling of excitement and preparatory exhaustion that comes as we get ready to embark on our trip to CBLI, our annual 10 day Bible camp!  Actually, this year they've shortened it to 9 days (running from Saturday to Sunday), but we plan to spend one night at Grandma's and one night at our friend's house in DeKalb to break up the trip a bit.  I spent a good part of yesterday packing, but am still not ready to go.  My brain keeps thinking I will forget something important.  Last year, I forgot to bring a check to pay the fee.  John had to mail the payment, but they were gracious and understanding.

Trevor and Sean are quite excited.  They will probably be on my last nerve for the next two days because of their enthusiasm - ha.  They checked to be sure I remembered to pack the fishing poles.  I'm supposing Trevor is hoping to win the biggest catch again this year.  We shall see.

My biggest hope is that our time at camp proves to be spiritually edifying and physically relaxing.  We requested one of the cabins on the far side of camp (because it offers the most space to spread out in) which will mean a fair amount of walking.  We have our books packed for the Little Free Library (something my friend, Cheryl, is doing again this year).  And, of course, we have our Bibles.

There will be down time on my blog, unless I manage to snag some time near Internet access (usually only available in the chapel or class areas) without the constant barrage of little boy voices.  Alas, I did not prepare more than one book review to post in advance.  Rest assured, we are probably having a wonderful time and I will plan to provide follow-up posts when all is said and done.

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