Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Prayer of Protection Over a Teen's New Car


I have such mixed feelings about this exciting new development.  On the one hand, I am thrilled that my son found a car he is so enthusiastic about.  He loves it!  Look at it.  How could he not? It is such an awesome-looking car.  On the other hand, it is the kind of car that will attract attention and get him pulled over more frequently.

I don't know if this was the right step to take, buying him such a nice car.  After two accidents, my thought was to buy him a beater of a car, something inexpensive and dull.  His dad reasoned that we wanted to be sure he was in a safe car, one that was built well.  Indeed, the Mustang is a well-built car.  We're hoping this car will see him through the college years, but realistically, I can't stop thinking about those accidents and playing with the "what ifs" in my mind.

Since it is such a nice car, he's bound to take better care of it, I suppose.  However, I can't help feeling like he should have been made to suffer a bit more for his mistakes.  Then again, they were just mistakes.  I've made the same mistakes myself.  If we went according to accident record, I'd be driving a beater, too.  Ha!

The money is coming from three sources: the check the insurance company gave us upon the other car's demise, a portion from us, and a portion from Bryce's savings.  However, does it really hit him very hard to take it from his savings?  Will he feel the pinch and appreciate fully the value of the car he's been entrusted with?  Are we depriving him a valuable lesson by not requiring him to work in some sort of job, saving up for a replacement car.

Logistically, I wouldn't want to still be driving him everywhere.  It is so much easier when he can transport himself to where he needs to be.  And, he will, indeed, need a car for college next year.

Thus, the argument rages in my brain, Lord.  But the primary thought is for his safety.  Please place Your protective hand on my son and this car.  Please watch over all the elements of traffic around him.  Keep those crazed drivers out of his path.  Help him to make swift and careful decisions.  Teach him responsibility despite our possible failings in the parenting department.  I place him and the car in Your hands and will try to let go of the anxiety I feel.

Thank You for this bountiful blessing and for the delight my child is experiencing.

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