Friday, October 18, 2013

Help Trevor Win a Matisse Drawing Contest

The boys are on Fall Break from school this week, so Tuesday I took Trevor to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I was surprised at how quickly he moved through the museum.  He was most interested in the sculptures and did really enjoy one painting in particular which portrayed Jesus entering a demon-infested landscape.  That painting is quite gruesome ... totally boy-appealing!

While there, he said his absolute favorite thing was entering the Inspired by Matisse contest.  In a small lab room, set up with I-Pads with a drawing app, individuals were urged to try their hand at drawing like Matisse.  Trevor drew this entry and titled it "Sway:"

If you would like, you can follow this link and vote for his drawing in the 6-12 age range competition. Below the drawing there is a place to click "vote."  Thanks for helping out!


Sylvia said...

Voted! Love the colors and free form lines.
Sylvia (from YA Book Club)

Wendy said...

Welcome, Sylvia. So glad you were able to find my blog. Thanks again for voting for Trevor's design.