Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Short Story Review: Shopaholic on Honeymoon

Sophie Kinsella decided to offer up something for free for her fans of the Shopaholic book series. She has written a short story to fill in some of the gaps between Shopaholic Ties the Knot and Shopaholic & Sister. The story, called "Shopaholic on Honeymoon," gives the briefest of vignettes from their honeymoon adventure.

I'm with other reviewers who felt that this was just too brief. While it is consistent in flavor with the novels and the character of Becky Bloomwood, it fails to offer a wider scope of story. It presents a typical scene of Becky purchasing more souvenirs than they really need, her flighty tendency to jump at new ideas (like becoming an artist simply because she sees students drawing at easels), and conflict developing between Becky and her new husband, Luke, but leaves the reader a bit dissatisfied. I couldn't believe Luke just caved to Becky's grand scheme, rather than compromise. Becky's self-absorption just overshadowed any satisfying amount of story line. Instead of being an endearing character, the brevity led to casting her in a merely negative light.

I almost wish Kinsella would try again and give us a full telling of the honeymoon, with the introduction of some significant conflict or plot device to drive the story. As it was, this short story was more a character sketch which painted Becky in the worst possible shades. Still, how can one argue with a free dose of Becky Bloomwood Brandon?? I'm on the hold list for Shopaholic to the Stars and wishing I could obtain it from my library in audio form (will have to settle for the physical book).

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