Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Review: Leon and the Spitting Image

Once again I snagged an audio book from the tween section to fill my treadmill time. This time I was drawn in by the enticing cover. I love the eyeball peering out from the "o" in Leon's name and I love the witch-like leg and boot almost kicking the eyeball. This was a delightfully fun read.

I cannot improve upon the description on the back cover:

"Leon and the Spitting Image is about a hotel full of animals. It's about an evil ice maker. It's about glass eyeballs and human catapults. It's about really old panty hose and Possibly Fake Hair.

"But mostly it's about Leon Zeisel and his epic quest to survive the fourth grade. What's stopping him? Two things. First, there's Miss Hagmeyer. She's a supernaturally strict teacher with ears that resemble giant rotting mushrooms. And then there is Leon's archenemy, Lumpkin the Pumpkin, a human tank with a deadly dodgeball throw known to all as the sidewinder.

"Luckily, Leon has two friends, Lily-Matisse and P.W., who will stand by him no matter what - even if his magical, mysterious plans for rescue and revenge involve ... SPIT!"

What did I love about this book? I loved that it intertwined information about medieval times and sewing in the background of the story. I loved the characters, who were plucky (Leon, P.W., and Lily-Matisse) and wicked (the Hag and Henry Lumpkin). But, I especially loved the ending, where the reader comes to see things in a different light and finds a whole new possibility opening up before them.

It sounded like the book was ripe for a sequel. Indeed, there is another book called Leon and the Champion Chip. I have already discovered that my library owns a copy of the book. I will be curious to see if Leon achieves his revenge or not. Besides the book looks to be about potato chips, so how can you go wrong? I'm thinking my boys would love both of these books and they would make excellent read-alouds for the classroom.

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