Sunday, March 13, 2016

Book Review: Rose Harbor in Bloom

Jo Marie Rose is grieving the loss of her husband, Paul, and plows herself into her bed and breakfast establishment for comfort and healing. Her guests also seem to find healing when they come to stay at the Rose Harbor Inn. This second installment continues a similar path of bringing hurting people to the inn, where they find restoration, reconciliation, and love.

Annie Newton arrives at the inn for the scheduled 50th anniversary celebration she has planned for her grandparents. The grandparents seem like anything but a loving, devoted couple as they squabble and bicker at every moment. But, planning the celebration gives Annie hope as she has just cut off her own engagement to a man who was unfaithful. Will she find the kind of love her grandparents have exemplified for years? Are they not the loving couple she thought they were? Will she make peace with Oliver, her grandparents next door neighbor?

Mary Smith has come to the inn with her own struggles and secrets. Cedar Cove has a special place in her heart and she comes to the inn with hopes of rekindling contact with her former love interest, George Hudson. Because of her battle with cancer, she is fearful of coming back into his life, but will George allow her to slip away again? Will Mary find healing for the biggest ache her heart has carried for the past nineteen years?

I enjoyed the simple tales of lives changed and loves restored. Debbie Macomber weaves a beautiful environment and colorful characters together to bring great resolutions. I will happily look for the third installment for my listening pleasure while I work out.

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