Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review: Key Lime Pie Murder

I think if I weren't always on the lookout for further books to listen to while treadmill walking, I probably wouldn't go on with this series. It has begun to feel same-old, same-old. Moreover, despite wanting to know who the main character will end up marrying, I don't particularly enjoy being strung along for episode after episode without much satisfaction in that department. Alas, Hannah Swensen remains torn between the two loves of her life: Norman and Mike.

Once again, in this ninth installment, Key Lime Pie Murder, Hannah happens upon a dead body. The formula is intact. She introduces a few glitches in her personal life (this time around, her cat is seemingly sick without cause, her mother is working on some secret writing project, and her sisters are both competing in competitions in the Lake Eden Fair). The official detective, Mike, begs her not to investigate. She does anyway, with the help of Norman and her sisters. She ends up in a pickle as things grow to a climax in the story, and Norman and Mike manage to swoop in to save the day and save her hide.

I did consider jotting down a few of the recipes offered in this installment, but frankly, couldn't be bothered to take the time. I will keep my eye out for the compiled recipe book that is supposed to go along with the series and perhaps I will secure some of the recipes in that way. The one recipe from this book that I especially hope to find is the one for Mango Quick Bread (yum). It sounded moist and sweet.

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