Sunday, April 9, 2017

Book Review: Vicious Cycle

The author blurb on the back of Vicious Cycle proclaims the success of Christian author Terri Blackstock. She had sold over six million books at the time of this book's publication (2011). I'm sure the numbers would be even more astounding now, in 2017. She certainly has the skill to present a riveting story with a fast-moving plot and interesting conflicted characters.

In Vicious Cycle, the reader is sucked into the world of meth addiction. Just as an addict is desperate for another hit, I voraciously read chapter after chapter. In fact, when I sat down to finish the book, I ended up being late to pick Trevor up from his weightlifting session after school. Time began to blur and I forgot to keep my eye on the clock. It was also good for distracting my thoughts on the plane ride home from our spring break trip.

Although this is a second novel in a series, the author quickly brings the reader up to speed on details from the first book and plunges you into the action of the tale immediately. Lance Covington just wants to help his sister's friend, Jordan. Pregnant and recently released from a rehabilitation center for a meth addiction, Jordan needs clean friends to pull her away from the pressure of her thoroughly addicted family. When her mother and brother decide to sell Jordan's baby to gain money for drugs, Jordan hides the baby in Lance's car. Lance only wants to do the right thing, but is soon arrested for kidnapping.

The pacing was excellent. I felt so incredibly sorry for the characters whose lives were destroyed by drug addiction (I'm pretty sure it was an accurately painted picture). I wanted Lance to be cleared and Jordan to find a way to save her tiny baby. This was an engrossing tale of addiction and the desire for freedom. If you're looking for a good, clean read with a great deal of suspense, Terri Blackstock delivers in this novel.

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