Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Big Splash

It is that time of year again ... the time when my little boys go for swimming lessons. Last year, every single class was excruciating because Sean was so fearful of the water. He dreaded going and begged me to let him stay home.

This year, we pulled into the parking lot and Sean recognized the location and said, "Oh no! I didn't think we were coming back to THIS place. I don't want to go." Thankfully, by the end of the first lesson his whole outlook changed. He has loved going every time.

Today the students all lined up to jump from the diving boards. I had to bust a gut laughing at Sean. The adorable little girl in front of him was hesitant to jump (when they were practicing jumping from the side). The instructor would call out "3-2-1- Jump!" and the girl would swing her arms and bend her knees, like she was trying to work up the gumption to jump. Over and over this went on, and Sean stood behind her with his little hand on her back, telling her "Come on, come on. Come on! COME ON!" In my head I was praying that he wouldn't push the sweet thing in.

After the class was over, the little girl's grandmother spoke up to me, saying, "Your little guy was quite a jumper!"

I explained the thoughts going through my mind as her granddaughter was avoiding the task. She chuckled and said, "And I was thinking in my head ... Go on ... give her a push!" We both had a good laugh at that!

Here he is, jumping with exuberance:

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