Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Review: Healing Sands

This was yet another great book in the Sullivan Crisp series by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn. They make a great team of writers and I am hoping there will be another book in this series.

In Healing Sands, Ryan Coe is a divorced photo-journalist trying to reconnect with her sons after a year's absence on a project in Africa. With her ex-husband in the arms of another woman and her oldest son shutting her out, her life oozes bitterness and anger. It certainly doesn't make things any easier when she discovers her own son on the other end of the lens as she is shooting a crime scene. In the midst of her drive to find the truth and clear her son, Ryan finally realizes that she needs some help in dealing with her internal rage.

This was another plot line that just kept me turning page after page. While Ryan is chasing clues to unravel the crime her son stands accused of, Sullivan Crisp is chasing clues to the whereabouts of the woman who gave his deceased wife such bad counsel.

I would say that I figured things out well in advance of the climactic conclusion. Plus, I felt that the character of Ginger (the ex-husband's new interest) could have been fleshed out more. If she had been given a few sympathetic traits, then I might not have struggled to believe that she would be his replacement choice. However, she was a peripheral character and the main character was very well drawn.

All three of the books in this series offered realistic modern struggles of life coupled with solid counsel and a demonstration of how God can heal our woundedness. And really, who doesn't have woundedness and need healing? I know I certainly do!

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