Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Review: Cherry Cheesecake Murder

Even if I've tired somewhat of the formulaic stories in Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swensen mystery series, I continue to check out the audio offerings my library has available. They provide an easy story to get engrossed in while walking on my treadmill. Nothing too heady to wrap my mind around; just a simple story with the added plus of some tasty recipes thrown in the mix (I always say I'm going to check out the hard copy of the book so I can access the printed recipes, but never seem to go back and do that).

In this episode of the series, Hannah Swenson, owner of The Cookie Jar and unofficial town investigator is excited to welcome a Hollywood production filming in her very own Lake Eden, Minnesota. This provides an added wrinkle to Hannah's already complicated love life (she is pondering not one but two proposals from the previous book). One of the members of the movie team happens to be an old college friend, Ross. No longer with his college sweetheart, Ross has set his eye on Hannah and attempts to woo her while they are together focused on the movie project (a woman with two proposals is a stretch, but add in a third beau and the believability really begins to be stretched thin). When the difficult director, Dean Lawrence, attempts to give direction to one of his actors to demonstrate a suicide scene, all are stunned when the gun actually fires and kills him. Hannah, true to form, feels compelled to solve the mystery and determine whodunnit!

The only recipe offered in this book that tempted me was the one for peanut butter and banana cookies. I enjoy a good peanut butter and banana sandwich and the thought of incorporating this blend into a cookie sounds enticing. Once again, I say I'm going to check out the book so I can copy down this recipe. We shall see if I actually do or not (although, I'm leaning toward not, since I'm still trying to shed some unwanted pounds prior to my blood lipid test). If my library didn't have the next few books in the series in audio form, I probably would give up on reading further (this is book 8 out of 20 in the series).

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