Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Book Review: Love Letters

I've been enjoying Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor Inn series. The stories, while simple, are pleasantly engaging and always uplifting. Once again, in this third installment, Macomber manages to weave a few stories of reconciliation and healing.

While the inn's owner, Jo Marie, is busy trying to ferret out more information about her mysterious handyman, Mark Taylor, she also plays hostess to several visitors at the inn. The young Ellie Reynolds comes to Cedar Cove on a mission her mother fears is destined for danger. She is meeting, in person, a man she met on the Internet. Her over-controlling mother phones repeatedly to make sure that Ellie is safe and secure, but neither Ellie or her mother are prepared for the events this meeting sets into motion.

Maggie and Roy Porter have come to the inn for a weekend away in the hopes of restoring their crumbling marriage. With hurts on both sides, they attempt to reconcile and forge a better relationship. Before they can do that, they are presented with a bit of news that threatens to shake the very foundations on which they are attempting to rebuild their marriage.

In each of these stories, including Jo Marie's own story, love letters are exchanged bearing expressions of love forged in difficulties. These written words hold the power to provide healing. Sadly, the letters have to be received and fully believed in order to work their magic. If you are looking for an inspirational series full of redemption and hope, you cannot go wrong with this series of books. I'm anxiously looking forward to the fifth and final installment, Sweet Tomorrows, due out on August 2nd of 2016.

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