Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's My 5-Year Blogiversary

Five years ago today, I wrote my first blog post about my middle son's fixation with Bath and Body Works' "Banilla Soap."  Some time during my first year of blogging, one of my real blogging friends (and one who started my wheels churning about starting my own blog) commented that it seemed like I was on a goal to make it to 1000 posts in record time.  I have noticed that, like many other bloggers, the number of posts for each year have steadily declined over the years.  Will I one day open my blog to find I am only posting 50 times a year?  Who knows.  For now, I'm determined to slog on.  I have no grand illusions of blogging every day or of becoming a blogging sensation.  My goals aren't that lofty.  I just want to document the books I read and the boys as they grow.  I want a place to process some of my deeper thoughts.  I want to store the day-to-day, so I can review it (as I did this morning).

I went back over my blog-posts and wrote down the ones which secured the most views.  These aren't my favorite posts.  Perhaps I'll do a post about those some day, but for now, here is a compilation of the book reviews and general posts which were among my most-read (with most popular at the top of each list):


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
Dear Author
Who Switched Off My Brain
Chronicles of Narnia Series
Runaway Twin
Whole-Brain Child
Life Without Limits
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Dying to Meet You
Confessions from the Principal's Chair
Hormones: Don't Let Them Ruin Your Life
Sacred Romance

General Posts:

Book Recommendations from a CBLI guest (surprisingly, most popular)
Spurting Spider Cake
Cancer Awareness - Kevin Ballantine
Holiday World and Santa's Lodge
The Menopausal Monster Lurks
Favorite Things Thursday: Colliers Junior Classics
Prayer Request - Janae and Stellan
Boys Will Be Boys
Knock, Knock Joke by Sean
Why, Boys, Why
Scorpion Sucker
Report Card Flashbacks
Favorite Things Thursday: Sprecher's Root Beer

Now, I gleaned these lists from Blogger's stats and I must make this caveat.  There are times in their statistics where they say that nobody has viewed the blog post, yet four people left a comment on it.  Really?  So, who knows, maybe these stats aren't very reliable.  Still, it was fun to see what was most popular as of this point.

Happy Blogiversary to me!


Lucy said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! I have never wanted to be a blog sensation either. I just want a place to write my thoughts: about my books. Here's to blogs!

Wendy said...

Lucy - so glad to have met you through blogging (and also happy to have met Amy So. through you, as well). You are both what I would consider blogging buddies because your interests so clearly intersect with mine. Thanks for your cyber-friendship!