Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book Review: Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

Elner Shimfissle is quite a character! Her name alone is sassy, unusual and fun. As a character, she carries this book along from beginning to end. She is a high-spirited octogenarian who insistently picks her own figs on a tall ladder. Alas, she encounters a swarm of hornets, triggering a horrendous fall and an adventure she never expected.

Although the author's presented view of the after-life doesn't square with mine (the creator is embodied by two elderly friends of Elner who make cake, smoke, and wonder about mistakes they might have made in their creation ... my creator doesn't need to wonder about mistakes He's made and is not made in human image), this was still a delightful tale. The story was fun and entertaining. The characters were lively and quirky. The plot twists were interesting and unexpected.

The author's answers to the questions, "Why are we here?" and "What's the purpose of life?" were a bit simplistic (things like "to be as happy as we can be" and "to make life better and better as we learn to get along"). There were many times when I was scratching my head, wondering if the author really holds to this world-view she presents. It wasn't a favorite book of mine, but the story kept me listening. If you are looking for depth or a Christian perspective, look elsewhere. But, if you are welcome to a fun, romping tale of one person's life and positive influence on others, then you might enjoy this book.

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