Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Review: A Season of Gifts

This was another delightful read featuring the inimitable Grandma Dowdel, first introduced in the award winning book, A Long Way From Chicago. Richard Peck is a master at presenting small-town Midwestern life. He also does an amazing job of persistently writing, having churned out 39 books in the last 39 years. Wow!

I selected this one based on the delightful cover (which shows Grandma Dowdel and the narrator scrambling away with Christmas trees tied to the roof of the car) since the Christmas season is upon us. I didn't know that it featured Grandma Dowdel, but that was a definite plus. It made me want to read A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder all over again.

In this episode, Grandma Dowdel takes the new preacher family under her wing as they encounter local bullies, engage in dangerous crushes and endeavor to win over a new congregation. Grandma Dowdel behaves in the manner she has become famous for, but she also bestows gifts upon her neighbors in her own special way.

If you are looking for a light-hearted, quick Christmas read, look no further. Richard Peck has written a timeless tale, sure to delight and tickle both children and adults during the holidays.

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