Friday, December 16, 2011

Book Review: The Christmas Wedding

While I enjoyed the last Christmas book, I cannot say the same for this James Patterson book. I have heard the name James Patterson. He must be a very popular novelist. From the reading of this book, I cannot understand why. The only thing that kept me listening was a slight desire to discover which prospective groom won out in the end. It wasn't worth the wait.

To begin with, the constant cursing was a problem for me. Now, there are times when I can read a book which contains cursing and not allow it to get under my skin, but this cursing came with a general air of low-class, immoral, dregs-of-life situations and characters. I can handle cursing if the story trumps the cursing. Not so here.

Gabi Summerhill hasn't had all four of her children together to celebrate Christmas since the death of her husband, their father, three years ago. Instead of just asking them all to come, she sends them all a video chat, enticing them with the information that she has received proposals from not one, but three prospective suitors. The three men have all been part of her life for many years and are all good friends. Each of her children, Emily, Claire, Lizzie, and Seth are dealing with their own dilemmas, but they make the time to come because Gabi has held the mystery of the groom over everyone's heads, including the prospective grooms.

The story line was a bit far-fetched, but my biggest complaint was that the story held no important take-away. You learn and gain nothing from listening (I needed a good audio book for the car) or reading this story. In the end, her choice is even a bit of a let down. Everything wraps up nicely, but you don't feel warmth or any inspiration. I was greatly disappointed by this book. In fact, I wish I hadn't wasted my time on it.

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